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Visual Work

Stories can also be captured through the lens of a camera or design.
These are a few examples of the stories I have told through these mediums. 

CIRCA | Instagram Reel | 2022 

This Instagram Reel was created for the PARKERPR MEDIA Instagram account as a way to raise awareness of the businesses located in Inglewood, which is a client of PARKER PR. 

Love for Ukraine in Kensington
Instagram Reel | 2022 

As part of a fundraising event for Ukrainian Refugees, I created this Instagram Reel as part of the coverage of the event for PARKER PR's Instagram account. The light was bright to demonstrate a sense of positivity and hope for the Ukrainian newcomers and the support from the Calgary community. 

PROJECT 25 Branding | 2022

Creating a podcast came with the opportunity to brand it. The logo uses a gradient with different bright colours as way to transmit upliftment, joy, and safety. The pink was chosen to transmit fun and to stand out from the colours behind it. Additionally, the letters are inclined to represent flexibility and the breaking of rigid structures, which sometimes make us to have preconceptions about how our lives should be.

International Women's Day | 2022 

Every day, ten women in Mexico die due to gender violence. To recognize International Women's Day and honour the victims of femicide, I created a graphic that depicted the faces of women whose death was reported in local newspaper. Each woman is situated in the state where she was killed. Although they may be remembered as victims by some, the truth is that many of them were mothers, teachers, nurses, taxi drivers, students, dentists, etc. The purple represents the colour of the feminist movement, and the flowers were added to demonstrate respect to their lives.

Creative Canvas: Behind The Scenes  | 2020

This video was created to capture the excitement and fun that happens behind a creative project such as Creative Canvas. It meant to document the small moments that led to the production of the Pilot. 

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