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  • Andrea Juarez

Not your average milkshake

Update: Burger 320 closed in 2021.

There may be milkshakes all around the city. However, Mario Spina and Sharon Woo’s “Carnival caramel milkshake” is something to look out for.

Spina and Woo, owners of Burger 320, came up with the idea of the carnival milkshake after a lot of research and practice.

“We wanted an epic shake like no other,” Woo says.

The Carnival Caramel milkshake, which consists of caramel shake, mini donuts, mini chocolate chip cookies, chocolate, caramel corn, and lots of whipped cream, came to Woo’s idea after setting up the look of the shakes.

The Carnival Caramel shake impressed people when it was first launched in 2016.

“They have never seen anything like this.”

What makes this shake unique, is its big size and a lot of everything to satisfy everyone, especially those who have a sweet tooth.

Nonetheless, not everything about this shake is sweet. According to Woo, there were some difficulties coming up with the concept, and what should go in it to look amazing.

The creators had some trouble creating it because they weren’t sure what to put into the shake to build the height. However, they never doubted people wouldn’t like it.

“We used staff and family for their input,” Woo says.

What makes this milkshake stand out from the others is that it's made from gelato.

Gelato has 4 to 9 per cent fat, has less air, and is creamier and smoother than ice cream.

In 2016, Spina and Woo were selected for America’s East finals of the Gelato World Tour representing Canada with their Canadian Maple Bacon Mini Doughnut flavour.

The carnival milkshake doesn’t change, but once in a while they might add gummy bears, different types of chocolate, and different cookies. But the look is always similar to the original.

If you don’t want to stick to caramel, the shake is customizable to suit what the customer wants. The milkshake flavours vary from classic flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry to Oreo, mini donut, and birthday cake.

You can try the Caramel Carnival Milkshake at Burger 320’s locations. In Bridglenad, you can find Burger 320 at Box 31011, Bridgeland RPO, and at 126 10th Street NW in Kensington. Make sure to bring company!


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